write Article

Everyone has memories, experiences, memorable, unforgettable, as well as knowledge, skills benefits. Sometimes comes to mind to document in writing, articles, for personal collection, or to be shared to friends.

Sharing is an instinct inherent in every person, a God gift, should be manifested. Share knowledge / experience can be done through words, through post / article  better.

Writing is a skill, mind activities and hand. But for beginners, the question often arises, how to begin?

How to start writing?

Process write is like other activities, if planned will be better. For beginners, a good first step is make a plan, which is used as a guide in writing, can use tools like action plan sheet.

Activity plan sheet usually contains:

1)    Title / topic:  an attractive for target audience, which is required, which has not been much written

2)    target groups: to be addressed, characteristics, etc.

3)    the key message: that will be delivered (several), the benefits for readers

4)    read time: how long (minutes) time to completed reading

5)    the benefit / purpose: what benefit is obtained after completion of reading

6)    and so on

For beginners who have never written an article, you should first familiarize / train writing.

Could begin to make easy short and simple article, like a personal journey that divided into 3 sections, when leaving home, on the way, and at the destination office / school / other place. or it could be practicing by re-write the others article, of course that the preferred and attractive.


The first encounter with the reader is the most important, at the first paragraph of article.

The first paragraph should be able to generate interest reading, make good condition, make ready to read, why it needs to be read, convey something of the ideal expectations, something the state / important events that have / will be happen, a settlement of the problem facing readers, and so on. (see post: efective moping …)

The good article that give a benefit to the reader, making the reader want to do something.

Generally, readers want to know more about the topic, why, what, how, etc.? The author must to do explore, observe, conclude, and make suggestions.

For example, if we  write about journey to the office, we saw the flower blomm faster, why, probably a lot of leaves cut, excess  nutrients, encourage blooming flowers (observe). Cutting a lot of leaves make flower bloom faster (conclusion and suggestion). Tell the emotion  like happy ect

Lets try, give me feedback later

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