Membuat rak cantik

Rasanya paling menggembirakan, jika kita berhasil membuat dan menikmati hasil kreasi sendiri, apapun bentuknya, apakah itu tulisan, gambar, foto, atau barang lain yang disukai.

Mungkin pernah timbul keinginan membuat sesuatu yang manfaat, namun terbentur berbagai kendala, ada yang sudah dimulai mengerjakan tapi tidak selesai, atau bahkan urung dikerjakan.


Jika dalam pikiran pernah terlintas ingin menata barang-barang yang berserakan, agar rapi, mudah diambil, indah dipandang, seperti ingin membuat rak, sekaranglah saatnya diwujudkan.

Segala sesuatu yang dibuat saat ini, apapun, umumnya mempuyai manfaat ganda, termasuk rak, selain untuk meletakkan sesuatu juga lebih baik jika indah dilihat.

Saat ini membuat rak sangat mudah, sudah ada tersedia bahan siap pakai, yang dibuat untuk memudahkan dan menyenangkan, instant, tidak memerlukan peralatan banyak, tidak perlu banyak waktu, tidak perlu keahlian khusus membangunnya.

Kom ponen dasar rak terdiri dari tiang penyangga, siku, dan bilah / lembar papan.

Tiang penyanga dapat dibeli di toko bahan bangunan besar seperti Mitra10 (di Jakarta), merek Kenmaster 60cm terbuat dari plat besi sudah dicat, juga siku penyangga 25cm, bilah rak bisa menggunakan papan kayu parket lantai sudah finishing ukuran 20×125cm berbagai merek (atau bisa gunakan bilah olahan papan bekas tapi masih perlu finishing)

Peralatan dan bahan lain yang diperlukan hanya palu, paku tembok 4-5cm, lem stick, dan meteran (tidak harus, untuk mengukur jarak bisa pakai tali / benang).

Jika ingin membuat rak 4 susun, biayanya sekitar Rp235.000: tiang rak Rp25.000 sepasang (2 buah), siku penyangga Rp100.000 empat pasang (8 buah), bilah rak Rp100.000 1m2 (4 bilah), paku tembok Rp 6.000 enam buah, lem stick Rp4.000 satu.

Mari mulai membuat.

  1. Langkah pertama tentukan tempat (lokasi) di dinding, tentukan jarak dengan lantai dan jarak antar tiang, tandai.
  2. Langkah kedua, pasang tiang rak pertama, kuatkan dengan dipaku 3 buah, pasang rak kedua juga dipaku.
  3. Langkah ketiga, pasang siku penyangga, masukkan ke lubang tiang penyangga.
  4. Langkah keempat letakkan rak diatas siku.
  5. Langkah kelima, untuk menguatkan dan agar tidak goyang, beri lem stick (dipanasi dulu menggunakan api atau alat khusus) pada celah siku dengan tiang, dan pada siku dengan rak.

Dalam waktu singkat, selesai sudah, indah, kemudian letakkan barang-barang, tata, makin terlihat indah.

Agar terlihat lebih indah, beri latar belakang seperti potongan wall paper bergambar, gambar / poster, latar aquarium, atau bilah parket kayu.

Sekarang, menjadi lebih indah lagi, lihat sendiri, puas, tersenyum sendiri, bahagia. Selamat

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write Article

Everyone has memories, experiences, memorable, unforgettable, as well as knowledge, skills benefits. Sometimes comes to mind to document in writing, articles, for personal collection, or to be shared to friends.

Sharing is an instinct inherent in every person, a God gift, should be manifested. Share knowledge / experience can be done through words, through post / article  better.

Writing is a skill, mind activities and hand. But for beginners, the question often arises, how to begin?

How to start writing?

Process write is like other activities, if planned will be better. For beginners, a good first step is make a plan, which is used as a guide in writing, can use tools like action plan sheet.

Activity plan sheet usually contains:

1)    Title / topic:  an attractive for target audience, which is required, which has not been much written

2)    target groups: to be addressed, characteristics, etc.

3)    the key message: that will be delivered (several), the benefits for readers

4)    read time: how long (minutes) time to completed reading

5)    the benefit / purpose: what benefit is obtained after completion of reading

6)    and so on

For beginners who have never written an article, you should first familiarize / train writing.

Could begin to make easy short and simple article, like a personal journey that divided into 3 sections, when leaving home, on the way, and at the destination office / school / other place. or it could be practicing by re-write the others article, of course that the preferred and attractive.


The first encounter with the reader is the most important, at the first paragraph of article.

The first paragraph should be able to generate interest reading, make good condition, make ready to read, why it needs to be read, convey something of the ideal expectations, something the state / important events that have / will be happen, a settlement of the problem facing readers, and so on. (see post: efective moping …)

The good article that give a benefit to the reader, making the reader want to do something.

Generally, readers want to know more about the topic, why, what, how, etc.? The author must to do explore, observe, conclude, and make suggestions.

For example, if we  write about journey to the office, we saw the flower blomm faster, why, probably a lot of leaves cut, excess  nutrients, encourage blooming flowers (observe). Cutting a lot of leaves make flower bloom faster (conclusion and suggestion). Tell the emotion  like happy ect

Lets try, give me feedback later

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learning outcomes

Want to developing that an instinct inherent in every human being, included to acquire new knowledge.

Learning is a way to gain knowledge, is a series of activities, starting with selecting the material to be studied, then catch the material in a way to see, read, hear, feel, etc., then store it in the brain memory.learninghrd

After the learning process completed, then the question arises, how much knowledge has been mastered? What measure?

Size one has mastered the knowledge, it can simply be described in 6 levels:    

  1. Can choose the correct answer from two answers, right and wrong. This is the beginning level of mastery. It is likely a coincidence (lucky) or otherwise misinterpreted the question.
  2. Can choose the correct answer from multiple answers. Slightly higher level of mastery, is a coincidence or misinterpreted the question and or answer.
  3. Can tell the  content or summaries of knowledge learned. HavesixStepbelajar mastered the most part, at least the main points of the knowledge learned, reflected in the form of words.
  4. Can write the contents or a summary of the knowledge learned. At this level has fully mastered the knowledge, concluded, it can convey back, structured, with his own style.
  5. Can use (implemented) the skills (if present in the material). Knowledge had penetrated into itself, have affected, directing his activities.
  6. Can mix of newly learned material with other knowledge already possessed, resulting concoction new knowledge.

Hope be useful

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easy to maintain Grass garden

* apication of easy steps to solve the problem

It would be nice if you see the home page decorated neat lawn, fresh green, cool. More so if it has a clump of fragrant blooming flowers.rumput dago

Planting grass is not difficult, just a few roots embedded in a stretch of land that has been leveled, formed, loosed, then often watered a lot of water, in 1-2 months have seen fresh lawn expanse.

But after a few months later, sometimes starting is difficult to treat, the lawn is not beautiful anymore, despite regular pruning (cutting).

Why the lawn so broken?

Let’s see.rumput bona liar2

It turns out in addition to lawn, weeds have grown too damaging grass, there are vines, some are growing tall. Thes deep in the ground.

Planting grass roots apparently not so deep into the ground, easily uprooted. Currently there are 3 popular types of grass planting, the elephant , mini elephant, and manila. The elephant have width leaf, segment length, lie down if the openspace is a lot of sunlight, rises in the shade,  usually remain loose subrumput bona liarsoil, must often be cut. Mini elephant, leaf width, short segments, lie down, slow growing, does not need to be frequently cut, grow tight, compact subsoil. Manila silky soft, the leaves resemble the stem, rather slow-growing, fast to dry, need frequent watering, if late to cut, the inside can be damaged and decayed.

How to treat?tamanCikas

The main thing to do in order to plant lawn is maintained by removing weeds, not enough to simply cut, with all the roots have to pull out, it may be necessary tools such as pliers clamp puller. Need extra work to remove weeds among in the mini elephant, because sandwiched by dense planting of lawn stems and squeezed the hardened soil.

Revocation should be done when the new wild plants grow, their roots do not go too deep into the soil, it is easier if the soil wet.

Cutting and fertilizing is done as needed, usually not so difficult. If also planted ornamental plants, more beautiful if arranged match, which is small in front of it behind.

Good luck.

Easy steps to solve the problem, Observe, Concluse, Realize

Observations feels incomplete without conclusions, conclusions without deep observation could be farther from the truth, observations and conclusions without realize a vain work, realize without observations and conclusions can be far from expectations. (Aten-Asri)

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effective step to Moping Floor


* aplication easy steps to solve the problem

We’re happy if the floors look clean shiny fragrant, but they are not, sometimes there are parts that seem opaque sticky greasy, usually around the kitchen. Yes, that’s a problem, a state / reality that does not conform to your expectations or our standards (prof Azrul Anwar: quality standards).

What did happen?

Let’s Observe. Apparently there was a layer of dirt on the floor solid. attached together with a layer of fat on the surface of the floor. Floor surface was not perfectly flat, there are many fine holes (pores), thousands, perhaps millions, grease with dirt getting into it.

Mops usually consists of a mop made of silky soft cotton fibers, plastic bucket, water, and floor liquid cleaner. The process begins mop bucket filled with water half or less, added liquid floor cleaner, mop dipped then squeezed usually wear strong by hands (hands become contaminated), then moping, dipped again, dub, squeezed, repeatedly.

Why can not muck up?

Concentrated mixture of grease and grime can only be removed by using a powerful eroded, while wonderfully soft mop. Fat is lighter than water, floating on the water a lot, when mop is not enough water so that the fat does not float, even more attached. Floor cleaning fluid containing materials have some sort of dirt and wax bullets that will cover the pores. Cleaning the floors were not effective enough when using the tool and the normal way.

How can be more effective?

To scrape off dirt need a brush or mop a strong fibrous, to remove impurities need more water when moping (such as car washes), and change the way of an off dirty mop. Cleaning fluid is useful to shed fat and impurities, materials such as wax fills pores so the dirt does not easily attached and as a polishing agent.

There is now a mop subtle but strong fibrous, yellow ScothBrite striking, also a mop bucket with a squeezer, Claris powerpelas-mop mop bucket, usually available in Indonesia supermarket, Carrefure, Superindo and Rumah Kita. Complete mop up the price of IDR 80,000, lasting for up to 30,000 square meters (a year to the medium house, the mop bucket IDR 80,000 for up to 5 years, if the calculated cost per month divided by the purchase of just under IDR 7,000, less than the maximum results.

Moping a more effective way, the first bucket filled with water at least ¾ parts, pour liquid floor cleaner can be sticky enough not to excess (better add 1-2 drops liquid deterjent for oily floor), enter mops, mop handles circled left right direction alternately using both hands, lift put on the squeezer hole, turn slowly (not pressed), then press gently gathered fabric to ½ the water out (it still contains a lot of water).

Then first moping with sweeping gestures such as left to right direction while walking backward (not forward andmoping2 backward direction, the dirt can be left behind), then dip the mop into the bucket, turn the handle of a mop with without pressure, after the fabric firmly press gathered up as much water as possible out, lift.

Second moping (rubbing) while absorbing water the floor above (merged with dirt), a powerful rotary lift bags, squeeze gently back, mop again, over and over.  The water in the bucket will moping3appear more turbid, indicating that more dirt off the floor.

This method is also good for cleaning tables, furniture, etc., first flush chamois cloth with water, wring half, put a drop of liquid floor cleaner (or dip into the bucket contents + water purifier), wiped the table with a cloth pressed to exit the water, wring out cloth lift, second rubbing left and right direction while moving back or circular motion gradually into the starting edge of the table.  Twinkling is clean, shiny, fragrant, we happy.

By way of the above does require more power, may sweat, but relieved when saw the floor was clean and shiny, fragrant, rough trampled, plus sport.

Let’s try, then give this paper to enrich enter.

Easy steps to solve the problem, Observe, Conclude, Realize

Observations feels incomplete without conclusions, conclusions without profound observation could be further from the truth, observations and conclusions without embodies a vain work, realize without observations and conclusions can be far from expectations. (Aten-Asri) 

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easy way to be healthier

* Easy step to solve the problem 

Healthy into something longed for all, to get a variety of ways traveled between them by doing physical motion (sports)

It is the routine of doing a certain movement or weight and a higher frequency of daily life, physical strength can bemaintained even increasing, in particular muscular body will naturally adapt, become stronger. But to keep the intensity and the routine is not an easy thing, even many who later quit.

Modern life is currently making all the more busy, running time feels faster, routine activity, wake-up > working > sleeping, repeat. Feed intake versatile practical, quick, far from natural, nutrition incomplete again, lost during the food  processing.

Due to busy schedule, do not remember that the body activity and thingking leaves a pile of residue (waste incineration), plus excess food intake (fat, sugar, etc.) and non-nutrient intake (seasoning, preservatives, dyes, etc.), all of which can be negatively poison, should be neutralized, rendered, is removed from the body.

One powerful way is neutralized, sleep relaxation, routine sport, and add natural food intake rarely eaten more like fruit,mio staand down20130326 vegetables, rice/wheat husk, etc.. (source: traditional physician Erna, Bogor)

Without actually searched all people have the chance to sport at least twice each day, ie early morning waking up and before sleeping by night.

There are two motions are easy to do, but the benefits are huge, ie push-up and stand-squat. Push-ups can strengthen the upper body, stand-squat strengthens the lower body.

Let’s try, for the beginer,  to do half push-up withstand on the knee and the palm of the hand until tired, and stand-squat until tired too.neo-pushup20130326

If done regularly, from the experience of the first month has felt the changes, the muscles be strong, compact, flexible, blood flows back to the heart more smoothly because driven by muscle motion.

Where has it been doing and feel the muscles get stronger, do a full push-up withstand on the toes and fingers are no longer eight, push-up full 2/3 times the weight, and standing 1 times body weight.

Who have heavy healthy/infection problem, do not force a heavy practicing, controled light practicing recomended. (source: ClinicaDentalDesign)

This motion is very good for old age and his physical strength declined feel, even for children who are still in its infancy. For the elderly, complaints tingling, stiff,  sore muscles may fade away.

Lets try, give comments, suggestions, and feedback, to enrich this writing

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lebih sehat melalui gerakan Sholat

*langkah mudah menyelesaikan masalah

Sehat menjadi dambaan semua, untuk mendapatkannya berbagai cara ditempuh, diantaranya dengan melakukan gerakan fisik (olah raga)

Memang dengan rutin melakukan gerakan tertentu dengan bobot dan atau frekuensi yang lebih tinggi dari keseharian, kekuatan fisik akan terjaga bahkan dapat semakin meningkat, tubuh khususnya otot secara alami akan menyesuaikan, menjadi lebih kuat. Namun untuk menjaga intensitas dan rutinitas bukan suatu hal yang mudah, bahkan  banyak yang kemudian berhenti.

Sebenarnya tanpa disadari, kita telah melakukan gerakan fisik secara rutin yakni saat melakukan Sholat, hanya saja intensitasnya kurang memadai dan belum diniatkan untuk menjaga atau meningkatkan kesehatan. Ada 5 kali kesempatan sehari, dan 3 gerakan utama Sholat,  sujud, bangun berdiri, dan rukuk  yang dapat dimanfaatkan untuk meningkatkan atau menjaga kesehatan.

Dengan meningkatkan intensitas gerakan sujud bangun dapat menguatkan tubuh bagian atas, bangun berdiri jongkok dapat menguatkan tubuh bagian bawah, rukuk meregangkan ruas tulang punggung baik untuk persyarafan.mio staand down20130326

Ayo coba, saat merebah menuju sujud gunakan kekuatan otot lengan  untuk menahan tidak lagi otot punggung, saat merukuk biarkan lepas tidak lagi ditahan tangan, dan setelah selesai sholat lakukan tambahan gerakan sujud bangun (push-up setengah) sampai lelah, kemudian lakukan gerakan jongkok bangun berdiri (stand-down) juga sampe lelah.

Jika dilakukan rutin, dari pengalaman pada bulan pertama telah dirasa adanya perubahan, otot semakin kuat padat lentur, aliran darah balik makin lancar karena terdorong oleh gerakan otot.

Jika merasa otot sudah semakin kuat, intensitas gerakan bisa ditingkatkan, lakukan push-up penuh tidak bertumpu dengkul,neo-pushup20130326 bertumpu pada jari tangan tidak lagi pada telapak tangan, dan gerakan tambahan stand-down memakai sebelah kaki bergantian, dipercepat. Beban push-up setengah sama dengan 1/3 kali berat badan, push-up penuh 2/3 kali, berdiri 1 kali berat badan.

Gerakan ini sangat baik untuk usia lanjut dan yang merasa kekuatan fisiknya menurun, juga untuk anak-anak yang masih dalam masa pertumbuhan. Bagi orang tua, keluhan kesemutan, pegal-pegal, sakit otot mudahan berangsur menjauh

Selamat mencoba, beribadah manfaat plus.

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